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Add Prefix/Suffix into Line

Use this tool when you want to add prefix and suffix online easily to lines of text you have. You may want to add prefix suffix into lines of text you have for various reasons. You may want to wrap the lines in formatting text to make them look or act a certain way.

You may want to add prefixes suffixes into lines of text if you want to create a HTML list or enclose certain lines of text with parts of programming or even scripting languages. Instead of doing it line by line, this great tool takes out the time and effort for you.

Instructions for using the tool

First, enter the text to be edited into the input field. In the text box labeled "prefix" type the text to be inserted at the beginning of each line. The input field labeled "suffix" contains the text that will be appended at the end of each line. Finally, simply click on the button labeled "Add prefix/suffix" to start the process.